Monday, August 27, 2012

Four other great use of iPod Nano

Four great use of iPod Nano other than a music player

HJaving a touch screen of 1.5 inches and weighing less than an ounce and measuring 1.48 x 1.62 inches, the sixth generation iPod Nano is easy to grab and go. (It is available in 8 GB or 16 GB).

FM radio

headphones are needed to tune in FM stations because the antenna is built into the headphones. I listen to our local English news station for weather, traffic updates, and local music, local lecture every time I walk out in the garden for leisure.   

Audio Notes

I always get ideas for articles or messages while I'm driving to the store or any other place where I can not write easily. I started to take quick voice notes on my Nano, which also syncs with iTunes. With these instant inspiration kept, I can arrange all things more smoothly.

Books and Podcasts

Surprisingly, I discovered audio books and podcasts on iTunes. I always knew they were there, but I rarely used. My sister and I downloaded a few tech podcast for our Nanos and now, we can exercise the Yoga together, dance following the podcast, or cook some new delicious dishes. The podcasts are always free and the contents are so wonderful.I have also downloaded audio books when I'm on the bicycle.  


There is a smart clock on the ipod Nano. The unique thing I wanted was that he had a digital version, it's just analog. Whether hooked to my iWatch or shirt, I use the clock all the time.