Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LimeWire Store deal.

Lime Wire LLC has announced a deal with The Orchard, a large digital distributor for independent artists and small labels. The deal will effectively double the amount of music available in the LimeWire Store to more than 2 million tracks.
I wrote about the store when Lime Wire first announced it a year ago, thinking that it was a possible exit strategy in case the major labels won their lawsuit against Lime Wire and forced the shutdown of its Gnutella-based file-sharing client. But this announcement seems to show that Lime Wire is taking the store seriously as an alternate business.
Here's my question: if you're aware of LimeWire at all, aren't you already using it to grab free music? I suppose if you couldn't find a file for free, it might be convenient to use the same client to buy it, but doesn't that seem a little bit up? Any LimeWire users out there care to chime in?

1 comment:

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