Monday, October 22, 2012

Do You know Best Desktop Music Players

Most of the computer users will develop a special habit to manage his own multimedia collection and will use the most proper music player. Either everyone would like to listen to music, podcast or the MTV of the music, or manage the music or audio record with his own favorite music player, there are some popular applications among thousands of them. Do you know best desktop music players ? According to a blog survey, some applications have arrived to the top list.

1.Foobar2000 (Windows)

 Because it is a completely free music player and supports various music formats, Foobar2000 has won most of the peoples’ hearts. It really can play anything you throw at it. It is compatible with so much plug-ins and add-ons. And Foobar2000 allows developer to build more functions. It consumes little memory when it is installed on your computer. Finally, you can use a lot of shortcut key without interrupting with your mouse.   

2. Winamp (Windows/Mac) Winamp has been on the desktop player top list for over 10 years. Winamp has both free verson and the pro version(It is $20 for pro versions), But the free version almost works for most users. You can use Winamp to play all music formats, yet rip CDs, even play videos. Wonderfully, you can sync your Winamp Music with your Android mobiles wirelessly.

3. iTunes (Windows/Mac) Apple iTunes, rocks during the most popular music players in the world, despite been talking of some demerits and some sync problems all the time. It rocks not only because the delicate iTunes applications but also for the Apple brand, and its great mobile devices users, iPhones, iPads and iPods etc, above all for the great music store and its rich music content. It is the most widely used music players in OSX. But according to the users’ complaints, there are many difficulties in the Windows system. With the iCloud matched, you can sync your music anytime and anywhere and keep your music playing on the go. If you are running IOS, or Mac OS X, it is highly recommended you install iTunes, anyway.


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