Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update your firmware for SanDisk Sansa Fuze

SanDisk released some fairly major firmware for both the Sansa Clip and the Sansa Fuze. Well, technically, the update for each is a different piece of software, but most of the fixes and enhancements are similar, so I'm treating the two as one here.
I finally got around to installing the new firmware on the Clip and I have to say that it's definitely a worthwhile install (most firmware is). If you haven't done it already, make sure you do--I've included some basic steps for updating Sansa players below.
Perhaps the most exciting thing for audio format nerds is the addition of support for both Ogg Vorbis and FLAC file types. This added feature certainly gives the Sansas a leg up on the competition, as only a handful of other MP3 players offer such playback. (Cowon is a notable example.) In addition, the players now support the most advanced Audible AAX format (type 4), and they include enhanced control over audiobooks and podcasts.
For more information on features and bug fixes offered by the firmware, head to SanDisk's Web site to read all about Sansa Fuze Version 1.01.15 and Sansa Clip Version 1.01.29.
Now with more features and a brighter screen.

Updating the SanDisk Sansa player's firmware
* Download and install the Sansa Firmware Updater.
* Attach your player to the computer and open the app.
* Check the Firmware box and click Download Now.
* Unplug the player when prompted to finalize the upgrade.
The entire process should take under 10 minutes. Be aware that at least 6MB of free space is required for the Clip's firmware.

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