Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Waterproof MP3 Player Frame

In the past, many people watched James Bond movies with suspicion, and they admired numerous devices which secret agent 007 used during his missions. At that time, those devices were science fiction, and today some of them are a part of ordinary life.

Recently a manufacturer has introduced another product we're sure someone has been clamoring for, although we can't imagine who. Their Xzabady (or X Zabady, perhaps) is a waterproof frame for an MP3 player or other portable audio device that's designed, naturally, for use in the bathroom. The frame, available in either white or black, packs a single rear speaker with two "reflectors" and a built-in FM tuner, which can be used on its own without an MP3 player attached. You can also customize the frame by inserting your our picture.

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